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Our need

    In order for Spreading the WORD Ministry to continue expanding, faithful partners must be enlisted.  Without the prayers and financial support of many, the ministry cannot contract with other radio stations, or enhance the effort being put forth on the internet.  Spreading the WORD Ministry is not financially supported by a religious denomination or a business corporation. The work is made possible by churches, friends, family, etc.

   Spreading the WORD Ministry is a legal 501 (c) Corporation.  Therefore, all gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

     Spreading the WORD Ministry realizes there are many ministries worthy of support.  In no way are funds sought that should be given to the local, visible church.




    From the moment Spreading the WORD Ministry was founded, we believed God could be trusted to set the pace of growth. Though we sometimes make financial needs known, we have vowed not to let "needs" come before the "message" or to use proceeds to develop an elaborate superstructure.

    Today, we are seeking ways by which we will not have to burden our partners with fundraising appeals. However, we must continue to make known that Spreading the WORD Ministry is not underwritten or sponsored by a large organization or denomination. The ministry is made possible by the gifts of individuals, families and churches.

    We constantly endeavor to avoid overspending, and direct the ministry to "live within its means."




Cost of a man's soul



30  minutes  of airtime



    Spreading the WORD Ministry is committed to the following:

  • Financial Integrity

  • Financial Oversight by the Board of Directors, the majority of whom are not family members

  • Annual Audits by a Public Accounting Firm

  • Disclosure of Financial Statements upon Request

  • Spending and Expansion at a Rate not Exceeding the Level of Giving


    This Internet site is increasing our opportunity to make known our needs to those who have access to the World Wide Web. It you would like to be a partner in spreading the WORD, you can become one by sending a gift. You can be assured that any amount sent will be used only for daily operations, purchase of radio time and Internet expenses.

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